The Pearl Foundation, Inc. Long Beach, California

About Us

About the Pearl Foundation, Inc.

The Pearl Foundation, Inc. is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. In existence since 2004, The Pearl Foundation, Inc. is organized to raise funds to develop, foster, promote and perform general charitable programs in the community. The Pearl Awards signature program celebrates outstanding student academic achievement with scholarships and recognizes community leaders whose work supports the mission of The Pearl Foundation, Inc.

An IRS approved 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, and as a state and federally tax-exempt charity, charitable gifts made to The Pearl Foundation are considered to be tax deductible contributions. The Pearl Foundation raises funds throughout the year with proceeds benefitting the annual scholarship program for college bound students and implementation of projects and activities to improve the quality of life in target communities.

“The Pearl Foundation has provided invaluable support to the Female Leadership Academy. As a result of their consistent support many students have received scholarships for college which has been a huge help with their college expenses.”

~Dr. Kimberly Johnson, District Female Leadership Academy, LBUSD

“There are many girls like me who really need this resource. I’m grateful for your help, and I shared it with several of my friends.”

~Aniah Cutler, Pearl Foundation Scholarship recipient

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pearl Foundation, Inc is to elevate the lives of youth, women, and families in underserved communities of Long Beach and surrounding areas.


To raise funds to support and sponsor charitable programs that promote education, healthcare, wellness, and economic security.

To provide scholarships to qualified and deserving students.

To collaborate with other organizations to provide access to resources that are essential to families in need.

Our Vision Statement

The Pearl Foundation, Inc. will continue to be a successful collaborator with community service organizations, other non-profits and corporations to enhance the lives of the communities we serve.

Value Statement

The Pearl Foundation values ethical and fiduciary responsibilities.


The Pearl Foundation, Inc is comprised of college trained women with backgrounds and experiences in a variety of disciplines including technology, medicine, dentistry, law, engineering, marketing, education, and public policy. They volunteer their time and expertise to implement innovative programs to address the needs of the communities while leveraging partnerships with individuals, businesses, and government to further the mission of the organization.

Our Leadership

Board Officers:

Dorothy Harper

Rosalind Morgan
Vice Chairman

Cynthia Terry
Recording Secretary

June Riley

Denise Rice
Financial Secretary

Gladys Storey
Corresponding Secretary

Board Members:

  • Denise Barker
  • TaMiko Crockett
  • Gloria Falls-Taylor
  • Sophia Griffieth
  • Lillian Griffin
  • Abigail Hooker
  • Vernessie Green-Horn
  • Tina Morrison
  • Velma Penn
  • Crystal Williams
  • Terri Williams

In Memoriam:

  • Castella Albright
  • Cavon Freeney-Brown
  • Doris Kendrick
  • Tomasita Spann
  • Mary Washington